Who Are You Marketing Your MLM Business Product To?

I know the answer to the above title seems obvious, but have you really thought about the best answer for this question?If you are or have ever been in a MLM/Network Marketing opportunity that employs traditional or old school marketing and or sponsoring techniques; you will be familiar with the following.You are told to make a list of everyone you know, don’t leave anyone out. You are given scripts to use over the phone and at the mall when you meet people. You leave flyers on cars promoting your opportunity; familiar?Maybe you are one of those people that clearly understand the power of MLM/Network Marketing but you are turned off by the sponsoring/prospecting aspect of the business.Do These People Even Want To Own A Business?All of the above is old school and ineffective! You might want to check back into MLM/Network Marketing. Why? Cause it ain’t what it used to be. But be careful, if anyone tells you to do any of the above, you are not dealing with the right people. Run!Modern Day, Common Sense MLM/Network MarketingBuild a lead factory on the internet that brings you 50-100 leads per day. Structure this system so that you make commissions along the way that pay for operation of your business. This system will work with whatever MLM you have.(READ CAREFULLY HERE) Remember the question in the title? Using your lead factory you have attracted a constant flow of leads right? But there are a couple of things different about them; they came to you and your site, so they must be interested in having a business and secondly, you are making commissions on the traffic.Now, how different is that compared to the old school techniques described above? This, and much more, is being done by modern day MLM/Network Marketers. In a nutshell, stop pushing your business on people who have shown no interest in doing business!I have to end this article but if you want a profitable, rewarding MLM/Network Marketing business, get cutting edge information and go for it. It ain’t what it used to be…with the right people that is.